Half of Syria’s stocks were traded in the Damascus Securities Exchange last week with the index mostly unchanged.

The DWX gained 0.34 percent last week to close at 1,250 as trading volumes were very limited.

Audi Capital Syria, the investment arm of the Audi-Saradar Group in the country, is suspending its operations.

Syria’s stock market index, the DWX, has remained unchanged virtually for an entire month.

IBTF has announced the election of a new vice-chairman for its board of directors.

Banking stocks continued to dominate trade last week in the Damascus Securities Exchange as the market’s main index remained stable for the second week in a row.

Both the stock market index and the volume of trading in the Damascus Securities Exchange remained unchanged last week from the previous one.

The level of trading in Syria’s stock exchange last week was the lowest in many weeks.

Cham Capital, a brokerage firm, has announced the resignation of its general manager.

The trading activity in the Syrian stock exchange fell for the second week in a row as the country enters a full week of holidays.