Bank Audi Syria has posted a significant improvement in its financial performance in the first half of this year on the back of the decline in the value of the Syrian pound.

Al-Ahliah Transport managed to reduce its losses in the first half of this year thanks to lower operating expenses.

Stocks fell last week in the Damascus Securities Exchange for the second week in a row.

After several weeks of gains Syrian stocks declined last week amid lower trading volumes.

Trading activity last week at the Damascus Securities Exchange remained high, in Syrian Pound terms, with the market index continuing to rise.

Syria’s main stock index crossed the 1,200 mark last week after gaining in three consecutive sessions.

Syria’s stock exchange returned into positive territory last week with its main index gaining 1.64 percent.

According to statistics published by the Damascus Securities Exchange, some SYP 1.04 billion worth of shares were traded in the first six months of this year.

Syria’s stock prices fell for the second week running as trading volumes also declined.

Syrian stocks fell in all of last week's sessions ending a month and a half of weekly gains.