After Byblos Bank last week, Bank of Syria and Overseas reported this week the value of the losses of its Homs branch.

Al-Aqeelah Takaful has announced the appointment of a new general manager.

Arab Bank Syria has reported that it faced a robbery at one of its branches as Byblos Bank Syria has disclosed substantive losses from its branch located in the formerly opposition-held parts of Homs.

Arab Bank Syria has announced the election of a new Board of Directors.

The level of trading in the Damascus Securities Exchange last week surged helped by two large transactions.

The European Union has renewed for another year its sanctions on a vast number of Syrian individuals and companies but lifted them on a prominent businessman and one of the country’s leading private sector banks.

The total weekly trading volume at the Damascus bourse was below USD 50,000 last week, an indication of how deserted the Syrian stock market has become.

Bank Al-Sharq is having two new members in its board of directors.

The DWX, the main index at the Damascus Securities Exchange, remained largely unchanged last week as investors focused on banking stocks.

Bank Audi Syria has announced the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer.



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