Except a large transaction involving shares of the National Insurance Company, trading in the Syrian bourse last week was dull.

Both the DWX and the value of trading in the Damascus Securities Exchange slightly declined last week.

The Syrian bourse saw last week the beginning of trading on Al-Baraka Bank Syria, the latest stock to be listed in the exchange.

The DWX continued last week its slow decline, shedding 0.21 percent, although the value of trading is so low that price changes bear little significance.

At the end of last week, the DWX, the Syrian stock market’s main index, remained below the 1,300 mark, a level it has not crossed for more than a month.

Al-Baraka Bank Syria will be the latest company to see its shares listed in the Damascus Securities Exchange.

After a weeklong break, investors resumed trading in the Syrian bourse last week.

Trading in the Syrian bourse last week recorded one of its lowest levels since its establishment five years ago.

Around half of Syria’s listed stocks were traded last week although few transactions involved meaningful amounts.

The purchase by Lebanon’s Byblos Bank Sal of an additional stake in its Syrian affiliate, Byblos Bank Syria, has been confirmed.



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